We work with local churches for their renewal in the Holy Spirit.
Inevitably this brings new vision, challenge and opportunities, and we continue to support them as they develop prayer, healing, worship and ministry.
We are excited to see churches renewed in the power of the Holy Spirit.


Comments on our work:

'Very thoughtful and insightful teaching and discussions', 'Clear articulation of God’s love and the fact that Jesus has justified us'. - comments after the parish weekend with St Thomas & St Luke's, Ashton-on-Mackerfield, led by Stewart Fyfe, May 2017

'Kevin’s gentle approach, yet his ability to go deep and encourage us to go deep – to look into ourselves and to look at God afresh. Also his encouragement to share with others in a safe place and his affirming manner' Scargill May 2017

'Understanding how to take mission into leadership', 'It has reinforced both my sense of call into missional leadership, and my own sense of spiritual ‘dryness’ right now', 'Reigniting my passion', 'Encouragement to put mission back on the agenda' - Chelmsford Curates Day led by Tim Montgomery and Kevin Roberts, May 2017

'Scripturally based and deep, honest testimony', 'Today has brought me into deeper water on my journey up the river'- Scargill Retreat led by Kevin Roberts, May 2017

'To all those responsible for such an inspiring Newsletter! Thank you so much! I started reading it and couldn’t stop scrolling down! What a lot of inspiration it contained, on all sorts of fronts! ....your contributors have each shown the way we should all go, not just ReSource!: going to the Source, waiting for the Holy Spirit’s thoughts and direction to bubble up, rather than to place a seal on our plans. Courage is needed also to help others to see the necessity for waiting and discerning before rushing off to do whatever seems a good idea…!' - Elfrida Calvocoressi in response to the Spring 2017 newsletter

'Thank you, excellent, most uplifting and challenging!' - a response to the Spring 2017 newsletter

'It was all very helpful and refreshing - down to earth’; 'inspiring illustrations and testimonies'; 'encouragement to take risks' - comments after a Holy Spirit weekend for Belmont Road Baptist Church, Hemel Hempstead, led by Chris Oldroyd, May 2016

'Thank you so much for coming to speak to us, it was an excellent day. So refreshing to hear something new, different and inspired'; 'How powerful your message was and yet it was presented so gently'; 'A real blessing' - comments after a weekend on the healing ministry for Calne Baptist Church led by Kevin and Anne Roberts, May 2016

'Refreshment… renewed hope…. trust that Jesus has my family in his hands'; 'Freedom, openness, enthusiasm'; 'Helpful, relevant, informed teaching' - feedback from a Renewal Retreat for the clergy of Carlisle Diocese, April 2016

'Ian was an inspiring teacher, great encourager, and genuine pastor. He had a tremendously positive impact on everyone' - Revd Denise Hayes, after a weekend led by Ian Bishop for St Francis and St Barnabas, Wigan, February 2016