We work with local churches for their renewal in the Holy Spirit.
Inevitably this brings new vision, challenge and opportunities, and we continue to support them as they develop prayer, healing, worship and ministry.
We are excited to see churches renewed in the power of the Holy Spirit.

As we have travelled and listened to the church we have shaped various offerings in response to particular needs, and so developed a way of working that enables a local church to create its own strategy for growth. Each church is encouraged to choose one of the following as an entry point:

  • Individually tailored consultancy and support
  • A church renewal weekend
  • A Church Council (PCC) day or evening, focussing on renewal or mission
  • A spiritual audit, using Growing Healthy Churches or A Vision for your Church
  • A community audit, using Discerning Church Vocation
  • We also offer a series of Day Programmes and Open Evenings to support churches and their networks - to find out more click here.