We work with local churches for their renewal in the Holy Spirit.
Inevitably this brings new vision, challenge and opportunities, and we continue to support them as they develop prayer, healing, worship and ministry.
We are excited to see churches renewed in the power of the Holy Spirit.

Our work develops continuously as we respond to particular needs and requests. We work with groups both within and across church traditions. Among other things we offer:
• Deanery or area retreats – midweek breaks for church leaders. These can be shaped in many different ways for encouragement, refreshment, and reflection on the mission and ministry of the church.
• Day conferences for leaders or CME programmes on spiritual renewal, confidence in the gospel, mission and evangelism, prayer, the healing ministry, the gifts of the Spirit, preaching and renewal, discipleship and others.
• Support for Mission Partnerships and local Ministry Teams – retreats, vision days, training events.
• Conference speakers and seminars from key thinkers on topics of pressing interest for mission and ministry