Our aim is to facilitate fresh vision, renewed energy, and deepening engagement with God wherever we go.

  • Developing confidence
  • Enabling change
  • Creating community
  • Enabling mission

We get about a lot, and as we travel it seems to us that there are issues of ‘confidence’ around in church life today. Everywhere we go we find that people are asking questions - ‘Does this stuff really work? Can we have confidence in this ancient faith of ours? Do we really have something which people out there need and want? Does the church have a future? Can we trust the Bible?’ We are convinced that we can have full confidence in the gospel – and that there are many ways of growing and developing in that confidence.

We live in a time of change, and change can be painful, uneasy. How will we respond? Our desire is to travel with the local church according to its God-given vision, working together to bring about spiritual growth and a renewed impetus for mission. Our aim is to facilitate fresh vision, strengthened relationships and renewed dependence upon the Holy Spirit wherever we go.

Relationships matter. We always start by listening, and shape our contribution according to what we hear. We offer not blueprints but resources – human, written and spiritual. We work with the little, the local and the ordinary, and perhaps especially with those who for spiritual, cultural or geographical reasons do not readily identify with existing renewal movements and agencies. We come as servants, travelling to work with you in your location according to the agenda God has given you.

And mission is the name of the game today for churches in a post-Christian society. Mission is increasingly on the agenda of denominations, dioceses and local churches. We are seeing fresh expressions of church emerge which are more suited to some cultures and networks of people than church in its inherited forms. We want to help churches to ‘dig deep and go wide’, as the inseparable and connected work of the one Holy Spirit.

‘The Christian church should know nothing of novelty; what it must know about is renewal and updating and uncluttering, and the presentation of gospel gifts sensitive to the context’ – Lindsay Urwin