Our aim is to offer encouragement and support to ordinary local churches who want to grow spiritually and become effective in mission, but who may not identify with the big networks.

We do this through parish renewal weekends and missions, retreats and quiet days, day conferences and seminars on specific topics, and by developing written resources which we are able to support locally.

We don’t have a set ‘package’ – we believe each church is different. Our desire is to help bring significant change to each church we work with.

In addition to our local ministry, we also operate regionally and nationally, working with deaneries, mission partnerships, area groupings, networks and dioceses to increase confidence and support growth. We do this through retreats for clergy within a deanery, mission partnership or cluster, through CME or other training days, and through seminars and speakers at diocesan and other conferences for church leaders. We offer regional and local support and training for the healing ministry and for mission and evangelism. And we work to support local PCCs.

We also work with church leaders and church leadership teams through personal mentoring, consultancy and spiritual direction. We can give guidance on developing mission action plans or travel with churches as they explore their future vision and planning.

And we work overseas as God call and opens the doors. We have done some work recently in Australia and New Zealand and are currently exploring how we can continue to support the church in Africa and other contexts where our ministry can strengthen discipleship in the power of the Holy Spirit.

If you think that we might be able to help you, please don’t hesitate to be in touch with us.