Kevin Roberts writes:

February 2017


If there's one thing that the Holy Spirit has taught us through the ages, it's that every human organisation is temporary; every structure is transitional.  To present the Gospel anew to each new generation, we need to be open to change.  This means that those who lead need the humility to recognise that what was done in the past may not be relevant, or appropriate, for the future.  Sometimes, the Holy Spirit's challenge to change is gentle and invisible.  At other times, as Jesus himself recognised, the tree needs to be heavily pruned in order that it may bear fruit that will last.

It's a lesson that the church needs to re-learn in every generation; many of our difficulties stem from a refusal to listen to the Holy Spirit's imperative for change.  If we at ReSource are to serve the church in the coming years, we too need to seek the mind of the Spirit for the future;  we too need to be open to change.

And so, running alongside our normal work, and as a main commitment through the coming year, we are launching the ReSource Future programme with the aim of prayerfully seeking the mind of the Church and the mind of the Spirit for our future.

I shall be setting aside a proportion of my own time to lead this and to engage in conversations with church leaders, partner organisations and with you as our supporters. We will be employing a staff member to oversee the practicalities of what will be an extensive programme of meetings and conversations, and I shall be working with a small discernment group to collate and distill all that we are hearing. We also want to release the intercessors, to hear the prophetic, and to equip you as our supporters to pray and listen and contribute all that you believe God may be saying to us about the future.

So please watch and pray!

Please watch this space for updates on the ReSource Future programme as it unfolds.  If you'd like to be kept regularly informed about the programme, please sign up to our special 'ReSource Future' twitter account, to receive the latest information about the programme.

And please pray that through ReSource Future we might, together, ride the wave of the Spirit’s work for a deeper and wider renewal for mission.

With much love in Jesus,

Christopher LandauChristopher Landau

Project Manager

As I join ReSource to manage the ReSource Future project, I do so acutely aware that many Christians in the UK would identify with the rather stale description of Christianity made by some American Roman Catholic students at Duquesne University in 1967 who "felt there was something lacking in their individual Christian lives. They couldn't quite put their finger on it but somehow there was an emptiness, a lack of dynamism, a sapping of strength in their lives of prayer and action". Their subsequent encounter with God began a movement that spread internationally. ReSource's vision to nurture and release the work of the Spirit, for the purpose of God's mission, strikes a deep chord in me - and it is a privilege to be joining the team.

I grew up in a traditional market town Anglican parish; I was a choral scholar reading theology at Cambridge as an undergraduate; and in London after university, alongside my work as a BBC journalist, I joined a local church which had just received a plant from Holy Trinity Brompton. From there I trained for ministry at Ripon College Cuddesdon, and will shortly complete my curacy in west London and take up a half time post at St Aldates Oxford. I'm married to Carolyn and we have two young sons.