by Sue Latimer, with poems by Clive Sansom

Foreword by Martin Cavender

Sue Latimer is a Reader in the Axbridge benefice, and a chaplain to Wells Cathedral. These stories, each based on a biblical text, were originally written to be read aloud. Interspersed with powerful poems by Clive Sansom, and illustrated with images created by a Christian community in Cameroon, each story offers a radical and personal perspective on a familiar Bible text.

Sue’s own story is about “a life which includes twenty years of drug addiction and twenty nine years of recovery: a life in which Jesus was a constant presence. He accompanied me in all the twists and turns of my journey. I cannot imagine life without him.” Perhaps it is this raw experience which enables Sue to penetrate so alarmingly and creatively into the subtext of the biblical stories. Read it alone or as part of a small group – it is likely to open up your conversations!

Author Nick Page comments: ‘This collection of stories is a great resource which will lead us deeper into the Bible, and see some familiar tales in an entirely new light.' It is, says Martin Cavender in his Foreword, ‘a sort of gathering of captivations.’

Published by ReSource, June 2015 - A5 format, 100 pp £7.50 plus P&P

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Studies in Paul's Letter to the Ephesians
by Patrick Whitworth

Ephesians is one of the most compact and visionary pieces of writing in the New Testament. Paul outlines here God’s grand plan to bring into being a New Community in the world, and for the future of his creation. In 9 studies Patrick covers God’s plan itself, the role of the Trinity, the peace-making of Christ, the overcoming of barriers, Paul’s prayer for the church, the new lifestyle to which the community is called, as well as relationships in the household to do with marriage, family and employment. These studies are ideal for small groups or for a teaching series in the church.

Patrick Whitworth is Rector of All Saints Weston, Bath and a well known author and teacher.

Published by ReSource, September 2015 - A5 format, 78pp - £7 plus P&P

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with Study Guide

by Patrick Whitworth

What would it have been like to meet Jesus? How would you have responded had you been Nicodemus, or the woman at the well? What can we learn from the way Jesus talked to his Father? In this original new book Patrick draws us gently in to the conversations Jesus had with the people he met. Each one is introduced by a colour illustration – a wall painting at the monastery of Mount Athos in Greece, and portraits by artists ranging from Rembrandt and Vermeer to modern painters whose work you may not yet know. Read it alone, or talk it through with a group – each conversation is followed by some questions designed to help you reflect on what you have read. Patrick is Rector of All Saints Weston, Bath, and a well known author and teacher.

Published by ReSource, September 2013 - A5 format, 84pp - £7.00 plus P&P

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Butterflies and the Kingdom of God.

John Woolmer

This is a beautifully produced book in which John draws on a lifetime's passion for butterflies to illustrate different dimensions of our spiritual lives. Illustrated in full colour with John and Jane's own photographs, it makes an excellent gift.

Full colour hardback, special offer £8.00 plus P&P

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Phil Lawson Johnston

Phil is an experienced musician, songwriter and worship leader whose CDs have been widely acclaimed. Phil, who describes himself as ‘a wandering minstrel’, shares his ideas an experiences of what he calls‘the glorious activity of worship.’ Illustrating biblical themes with his own songs, Phil takes us deeper into the heart of God.
‘Phil has enabled many people to gain a fresh revelation of God as he leads them in worship – he is now taking us further on and deeper in as he opens up the Bible and challenges us to gain a bigger perspective of the God we worship’ – Amy Orr-Ewing

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The forgotten gift, the neglected discipline.
Keith Powell

Keith writes: 'As a minister I have found fasting to be an essential part of the Christian's toolbox. For me it is a natural part of my Christian journey, part of the way we are called to walk in, to find rest for our souls. May this book encourage you on the ancient path of prayer and fasting, one that will bless you and bring you closer to your Father in Heaven.'

Keith is an Associate of ReSource and Renewal Advisor for the Diocese of Bath and Wells. To preview click here.

16pp - £2 plus P&P

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Robert Warren and Janet Hodgson

Now in its third edition, this widely used material identifies the common marks of growing healthy churches from different parts of the UK. This popular booklet is useful across all traditions and in all settings for churches seeking to grow in their likeness to Jesus Christ.

12pp  £1.00 plus P&P

Packs of 50   - £35.00

Packs of 100 - £60.00

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