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Kevin Roberts writes:

These past few months have not been typical ones in the life of ReSource, but our work has continued none the less, some of which you can read about in this current Newsletter.

For my own part it has been a privilege to speak at a varietyof events in different parts of the country and to be in conversation with a number of local and national leaders who share our passion to see a church renewed and equipped by the Spirit for mission, all of which has been time well spent. Some of our Associates have been busy too to help keep the regular work of ReSource going, and Paula and Kinga in the Wells office have worked cheerfully and unstintingly to keep the administrative wheels turning.

We can’t pretend, though, that it has been business as usual over these last few months.


The detailed circumstances will have to remain confidential, but the loss of staff members and of significant areas of our ministry has inevitably affected us in a variety of ways and made us ask fundamental questions about our future, and even to question whether we have a future. Indeed, it would be wrong, I believe, not to ask these questions and simply to continue as though nothing of any significance has happened. It has, and we need to reflect deeply and prayerfully on what God is saying to us and what He is asking of us.

So, in the next few months we shall keep the work going (so please don’t hesitate to approach us if you feel that we can support you locally or regionally in any way) but we will have as our main priority the prayerful seeking of God’s will for our future. I shall have more to say after the January Trustees meeting about how we shall approach this and how we will engage with you as our key supporters, but the keynote of the next few months will be a deep listening, to one another, to the church and its leaders, and to the God who speaks and who calls and who’s work this all is.

You will recall that Mary, in the dislocation in her life that followed Gabriel’s visit and in the various traumas and delights of the first Christmas Day, took time to “treasure up all these things and ponder them in her heart” (Luke 2:19). Like Mary we shall need some time to gather together all that we have discovered of God’s work and His ways in our journey to this point and to ponder deeply what He is now saying to us.

And we shall need to be still enough to hear what He will say to us. Not easy I know for some of us busy activists! But the incarnation itself tells us that the Word comes to us in unexpected guises and in quiet and undemonstrative ways. It comes clothed in the ordinary and the unspectacular and is recognised by those who are still enough to hear it and attentive enough to recognise glory when it is wrapped in swaddling bands.

It is in this deep listening and deep seeing that I believe we shall hear and discern our calling for the future. And the Trustees and I look forward to joining you as we set about this task together.

With love and prayer in Jesus, and my best wishes for Christmas and the coming year.